Montreal’s Very Own Hogwarts School

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WORDS & PHOTOGRAPHY: ÉLAINE GENEST In a world seemingly absent of magic and wizardry it is easy to be spellbound by fictional stories like the Harry Potter series. However, in Montreal, if it’s magic you’re looking for, you can enroll in a very real-life, non-fictional school of magic. But if [...]

Montreal’s missing village

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The last recorded sighting of the elusive Hochelaga village was in 1535 by French explorer Jacque Cartier. Centuries later, the search for the village continues. Will archaeologists ever get the chance to uncover the truths about this mysterious site?


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Black.Art.Empowerment is a series of interdisciplinary performances and interactive conferences that explore the multiple experiences and social issues associated with being black in today’s climate.

Getting to know your fertility abilities through an app

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Words: Élaine Genest Photography: Adrian Knowler Infertility will affect about one in six couples. Cultural notions have often implied that infertility is caused due to a malfunction in women’s reproductive health, since they are the ones carrying the child. However a 2018 study by researchers at the Lady Davis Institute [...]