dog days

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After a winter of record-breaking misery, it’s finally springtime in Montreal. But it isn’t just people who are happy to see the sun past dinner time.

food after dark

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Montreal's 24-hour restaurant scene powers the city's food engine overnight, feeding late-night shift workers, people out on the town, and students pulling all nighters.


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Black.Art.Empowerment is a series of interdisciplinary performances and interactive conferences that explore the multiple experiences and social issues associated with being black in today’s climate.

28 Days Sober

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Dry January is long over, but for some Quebecers February is the month to close the tab at the bar and take on the Fondation Jean Lapointe’s 28 Days Sober Challenge.

the fight against SMA


The Cavallaro family have been fighting against Spinal Muscular Atrophy for 18 years. Their journey has not been an easy one, but they find a way to make every day a great day. This is their story.

Expansion Talk Looms


The Canadian Premier League kicks off in April with seven soccer clubs across Canada—but none in Montreal. The league is looking to expand by 2020. Will that be Montreal’s turn?

women’s hockey pioneers


The City sat down with former CWHL players Julie Chu, Caroline Ouellette, and journalist Robyn Flynn to discuss the state of women’s hockey and its future direction.